These people are ‘Douche Bags’.  We want people to stop acting like douche bags. Douchebaggery needs to stop being tolerated.
In order to rid the world of douche-baggery we intend to expose this bad behavior in all of its shapes sizes and forms.  We will put out douche-bags moments and expose them to you in the cold, hard light of truth.

We will offer hints on how to end douche-baggery in your life and of course we will keep you updated on what stores have real good deals and which stores are just practicing douche-baggery.

   So, step inside our website and hang with us as we evolve.   You are invited to become a member of the elite.  You are invited to join mannered society.   It is time for you to step forward, take control of your life and say in a firm voice "No Douchbags Allowed!"

The No Douche Bag Mission -
There is a problem in the world today, and that problem is people who do not know how to behave.  Folks have become rude, offensive and mean, They throw trash around the planet and they just do not care. The worst part of all: they are stupid about it.     ...continued...

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Let's Get Sensible about Millionaires

Some people both earn and deserve that money, others should not be that privileged.

Who really needs a Million Dollars a year to live on?  99% of the people on this planet could live happily for 40 years or more if they received One Million Dollars today.  Some people say they need that kind of money.  The people who say this are not teachers or firefighters or nurses.  No, the people who say this are bankers, Hedge Fund Managers and Pharmaceutical Executives. 

Pharmaceutical Executives like Heather Bresch, the CEO of Mylan Corp; the company that makes the Epi-Pen.

So you ask, ‘why should I care that someone makes millions of dollars from a pen?’

The Epi-pen is not just a pen.  It is a device that saves lives.  The Epi-Pen contains the drug epinephrine, which will save your life if you suffer an allergic reaction to something - like a bee sting or if you have a food allergy to common everyday foods like peanut butter or shellfish.

Epinephrine is not an expensive drug; as a matter of fact it costs less than $5.00 a dose.  The pharmacy used to sell it in a two pack for about $80.00 which means the total cost breakdown is:  the drug-$10.00 and the ‘injectors’ $70.00.  That is expensive, but the drug companies do have employees and researchers.

But Heather Bresch, like Martin Shkreli wanted more money.  Ms. Bresch wanted a lot more money.  And she knew where to get it.  Raise the price of a lifesaving drug, a drug that people MUST BUY TO STAY ALIVE, and that will give her the millions of dollars she needed to send herself and her investors on vacations.

Her father is a US Senator, so of course that made it easy for her to take millions of dollars from poor , sick people just  to buy pretty things that she uses once and throws away.

The price of an Epi-pen went from $80.00 for a two pack to over $600.00 for a two pack.   The cost to manufacture the drug did not go up, it went down. That means that Heather Bresch of Mylan Corp is suddenly pocketing $590.00 per two pack sold.

Mylan Corp sells close to a million of these things every year.  That means they put close to $590 million dollars in the Mylan Corp bank account every year.  Every year from this one life saving drug alone, they are pocketing what can only be called ‘blood money’ for their own wealth and relaxation.

Yes,  the people who say they need a MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, like Martin Shkreli and Heather Bresch and others, are the overpaid executives who think they need to eat $400.00 a pound steak sprinkled with gold flakes, ‘once in a while’.

Why would a person need that in order to live?

These people are the very people who put their children in the most exclusive of private schools because they cannot have their children associating with the children of those ‘destined to be less successful’.

These people fear and hate anyone who earns less than they do because they have convinced themselves that everyone wants what they have.  They gather together behind closed doors and iron gates and private security and tell each other how much we the 99% hate them and how we want to take everything they have.  Then they use that as an excuse to hoard their cash when, if they would use it to better world society, they would actually have less to fear from the world around them.

Pay more taxes for better healthcare for all and you will eliminate infectious diseases that are bred in poverty.  Make the rich understand that people who are well fed and healthy prefer honest work to greasy handouts.

Pay more taxes for better education for all and you will eliminate the crime that is driven by lack of opportunity.

 Let’s Get Sensible

and STOP the World From Going Crazy


Today we started asking, “What in the world is going on, the whole world has gone crazy!”  And when any of us look around, that is what we see.  Everywhere, every attempt at sanity and love is being attacked by madness, insanity, and hate.  It is as if the very gates of hell had been opened and the minions of darkness freed to assault us.  There are Christians shooting up churches and Muslims trying to bomb mosques.  Teachers are preying on students, Army reservists are shooting at police, and fathers are killing their children.  Then the pretty people on the television cry and wail and bemoan the fact the ‘the people in charge do not have enough control on the rest of us and we need more laws.’

Are more laws really what we need, are more laws actually good for us or is the ‘More Laws’ idea just another construct of the privileged rich to protect themselves. To quote Pearl S. Buck, "The rich are always afraid."

What is it the rich could be afraid of?  Nothing to eat?  Nowhere to live? No medicine when ill?  No, the very rich are afraid of the rest of us.  They are afraid that we might want them to share the wealth a bit more fairly.

They can't come out and say that, though.  But they can divide us and use those divisions to deflect the anger back at ourselves which further divides us.

Remember the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement that began in 2011? That was supposed be a 'people powered' movement to get the mega-financial powers to relinquish their hold on the world and treat people like humans and not tools.   It had a fine start in the fall of 2011, and spread across the world. 

But, before the end of 2012 Travon Martin was killed, James Holmes shot up a theater, Wade Page shot up a Sikh temple and people high on a new synthetic drug called 'Flacca' were running about naked and biting chunks out of people.  They seem unrelated, but in 2012 these 'unrelated events' combined to fracture and divide all of the unity gained just a year earlier, when we, as normal, sensible people turned our attention to the real problem in this world, Wall street and the obscenely rich. 

And the more obscene the wealth, the more they connive to make certain that their opposites, the desperately poor, not only have nothing, but have almost virtually no way of moving themselves out of that nothing.

And this is, finally, the basis of the problem, the disparity of educational services based on income levels.  Sir Thomas Moore (Aka Saint Thomas Moore) wrote in his book, Utopia, "If you suffer your people to be ill-educated ...and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then you punish them?"

The rich make laws designed to punish the rest of us for not being rich.  When we can't pay their 'fines' (late fees and usurious  interest rates), they take away our homes and make us homeless, and then they criminalize homelessness and let buildings stand empty when they could become homes and throw good food in a dumpster and make it illegal to retrieve it.

It is time to put down the divisions and come back together and focus on the real problem:  99% of the people spend their lives struggling, while the rest seem to be blind to what struggle really is.  They have their walls of wealth and bankers to manipulate the rest of us so we never get our act together and stand up for ourselves. It is time to get together, stop killing each other, and make certain we get our fair share in a sane and responsible way. As Pearl S Buck wrote in her book 'The Good Earth' "When the rich are too rich there is a way, and if I am not mistaken, that way will come soon."here.

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Essays from the 
Sensible Man
Let’s Get Sensible about Food Resources
How Will the World Feed Itself in 2050?

Any sensible person can see that we humans are not currently doing a good job of it, so what is going to happen in 2050 when the world population could reach 9 billion people?

9 billion people: that is a troubling thought without food in the equation, but that number is why we, on this planet need to guarantee more of a food supply down the road. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – the FAO, recently predicted that food production must increase by 70 percent before then.

This is all at a time when the worldwide sea levels are rising and creating salt marshes where there used to be farm land.  So not only can these people not farm, but they have to move to cities and no longer work in food production – resulting in less net production, not more.

Throughout history, scarce resources have been a concern.  Civilizations thrived or declined because of access to resources due to drought or other calamity.  We have a worldwide civilization now, and huge amounts of that civilization are living in places where the ground is poisoned and resources, such as fresh water, have to be trucked in for their continued survival.

Worldwide, food processing companies have been very successful at creating foods and meals that can be packaged on one day, and still be edible weeks, months or even years later.  This allows them to give huge agribusiness concerns free reign to create, grow, fertilize, de-bug, harvest, process, vitamin fortify and preserve for us to eat later.

Recently, an increasing amount of these foods are little more than reclaimed cellulose fortified with vitamins and minerals and mixed with corn syrup, sugar, sucralose and salt and shaped into something their advertising tells us we can eat.  If it proves indigestible the ‘apologize’ for problems at the plant and then try a different mixture with more ‘natural’ ingredients.

And they stick to those ingredients until our systems adapt and then they add back in the additives.

What happens if there is a future where, the general worldwide population will be used to eating the filling, fortified, but ‘fake’ foods while only the people who can afford to, will have access to the fresh ;’organically grown’ foods? 

This is not a good outlook for the future at all.

Sensible people worldwide need step up and ‘grow their own’ food.  Whether it is herbs, beans or even a small lettuce in a window pot or a raised garden bed full of onions, tomatoes and cabbages, growing some of your own food to supplement, or even replace what you buy, is a step in the right direction for food sustainability and food security on this planet for the future.

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Steer Clear of Penny Auctions!

Penny auction websites, like Quibids, Beezid and others, promise  desirable, high-dollar products for’ ‘up to 90% off’.  When you look around the websites, you are presented with pictures of items recently ‘won’ by participants.  There are sixty inch HDTV’s TV; X-box sets, $500.00 gift cards, even cars that have been ‘won’ for a fraction of the ‘suggested retail price. 

This does look like a good deal.  You have a chance to get a $500.00 gift card for $10.00 or a $1,000.00 TV for $150.00.  But this is how it works:

The website sets the starting bid, usually at 1cent; and the website sets the time frame for the auction, anywhere from one hour to one week.  And that all seems up and up.   But in order to make a bid you have to buy bidding tokens.  Bidding tokens cost you $.50 cents each.  So instead of paying a penny per bid, right off you are paying fifty times that. Yet that seems ok because you can always wait until the last 5 min of the auction and place a few bids and get the item for a few dollars in tokens plus what-ever the price was bid up to.

But, the last 5 min of the auction can last for days.  Why, because the websites suspend time for the last 5 min, so that each additional bid adds time back to the clock. You can spend 6 hours and three hundred bids ($150.00) in the ‘last 5 min’ of bidding and not get the item you want, because other people have expensive bidding programs.

The other cost is your time.   If you make $15.00 per hour and you spend 6 hours trying to ‘win’ an item you’ve wasted $90.00 of your time.  If you also spend $150.00 in bids, you have already spent $240.00, and if you don’t win the gift card, you have wasted $240.00.   Of course if you win, you do have the gift card for half price, and all of the other bidders lose and the auction site can rake in six thousand dollars or more on a five hundred dollar item

Remember, in the end the house always wins, and if it takes you three auctions, 2,000 bids and 18 hours of your time to ‘win’ a 60” T.V. for $300.00, you have actually spent $270.00 of your time, $1,000.00 in tokens plus the $300.00 cash.  You ‘spend’ a total of $1,570.00 on a TV that you can buy for about $1,000.00 in most places.

Only a douchebag with no life would invest cash in penny auctions.

Good Idea:

WWW.Andwhateverconceptworks.comhas more great ideas for saving you money.  Check it out today!

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No DoucheBags Allowed

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 Working from Home Using Your Computer and Your Brain

Working from home is not a new idea.  Many professionals I deal with have home offices and other people I know use their computers and ‘tele-commute’ two or three days a week.  Still other people free-lance on line and make tidy incomes as bookkeepers, graphic designers and virtual assistants.

So why are so many people falling victim to ‘Work from Home’ internet scams?       The reason is that these scams often promote themselves as ‘training courses’ that will teach you their technique, and at the end of six to ten weeks, you will receive a ‘certificate’ that will allow you to make the money advertised in the promotion.  The most ridiculous of these is the ‘Piano Certificate’ scam.  Basically you respond to an ad to become a tutor in your home.  In order to do this you need to prove you are qualified so they can give you a certificate that you will purportedly be able to show to your students. 
You spend $150.00 for a book and a certification course that you easily pass.  You get you ‘Piano License’ and you wait for the students to contact you.  But they never do because the company has closed their website and moved on with your $150.00.

What is worse, you don’t need a piano license to tutor people on the piano.

Then there are numerous multi level marketing scams.  These people sell you a prebuilt website that is prepopulated with products that you also pay for in advance (this allows the marketing company to buy them for you and ‘warehouse them’’ in a central distribution center so they can ship them).  Then, every time someone buys something from your website, you get to keep the profit after the marketing company takes out the shipping, taxes, storage fees and handling.  This usually leaves you with pennies per sale, and at that rate, you would have to have hundreds of sales per day for years to make back you initial investment.

And it does not help that you have to pay for 

                         MAKE A STATEMENT

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Lets' Get Sensible about the 'Weird Madness'

By the Sensible Man 

Nazis are marching in the streets in the United States, these days.  This is a shocking statement to make, especially when,  only 65 years ago, this is the same country that fought to end Nazism and Fascism across the planet.  Didn't hundreds of thousands of Americans die fighting Nazis? Almost everyone I know had a parent, grandparent, Uncle or Aunt die fighting Fascism. So how is it that the people of the United States Allow Nazis in their streets?

The Japanese government  - the Japanese, and remember that Japan was a Nazi ally in WWII the Japanese Government does not allow Nazis to march in the streets.  The Chinese government does not allow Nazis to march in the streets. In every single video game, movie and novel written since WWII, we get to relive the reasons why Nazis are evil.

The last time the Nazis and Facists were tolerated, it resulted in the deaths of 85 million people  on the planet Earth - and the development of weapons of war that would sterilize this planet, and now these people are just being allowed to practice their particular type of insanity without even a modicum of counseling?

In reality, the tolerance without question of any ideology that preaches hate and eradication of anything that is simply going about its' life and being a productive member of this planet is a dangerous slide into psychosis.  It should be questioned thoughtfully and then replaced with the humanity which will guide us with love and joyful bounty to the future.


Americans:  You are lucky YOU can write to your senators and representatives and tell them to STOP HATE :

Everyone else: you can nicely and respectfully request that your American friends write to the people in their government (above) and request, with kindness, that they Stop Hate.

Here is a Great Link for you to use:

Working From Home Continued...

for your own advertising to get people to visit your website in the first place.

Finally there is the problem with those companies who actively recruit people to sell ‘Insurance and Financial products’.  These companies present themselves as legitimate insurance brokers.  And in a sense they are.  But the people you deal with – the ones who ‘hire’ you are the ones who make the money.

   This is how it works:  You see an ad in the paper and you go for an interview.  You meet with a nice person in a nice office who tells you they think you have what it takes to be one of their representatives.  So you are told to come back in a week for the presentation. You go to a presentation and you sit with a half dozen other ‘candidates’ and get an intense overview about their great financial products and how you can make money representing them to people. 

  They then tell you to pay for a training course to get your insurance license. 

    After a few weeks of training and giving up your money, you have a certificate. 

That certificate allows you to sell the insurance products that your trainer brokers from larger nationally known companies (companies that any person can look up on line and buy the same products from directly WITHOUTpaying a brokers fee) 

Your trainer does not give you a list of pre-qualified people to call are supposed to make your own contacts. Your trainer DOES offer you a 10% referral bonus for anyone you bring onto the team.  Your trainer keeps half of the money paid for each training course.

Suppose you go out and call on a hundred people a week and make 3 sales a week. 

If each sale is a policy that costs them $100 a month, and the broker fee is 2% that is $2.00 (Two Dollars) from each sale. 

That $2.00 is divided between you, the person who trained and recruited you and the Broker who hired the trainer. 

The reality is only keeping, on the average, 50 cents out of each monthly installment payment made by your customers. the end of a year...if you make three sales every the end of the year, you will be earning about $72.00 a month. If you keep at it for 3 will be earning $216.00 a month. 

In reality, anyone can do a quick search and uncover these scams before money is taken.  For every scam, there are countless forums and reports to the Better Business Bureau if not the State Attorney General.  There ae also multiple books that tell you how to avoid these scams.

Once of the best books is ‘Working from Home Using Your Computer and Your Brain’  This book takes a close look at several legitimate internet careers and shows you how you can do them from home.  The best thing is that this book has chosen several jobs that a regular person can actually start at home with no investment beyond an average to good computer.

From promoting and selling art from an on-line gallery to designing and selling trendy gear this book reviews the steps you need to take to engage in one of several on line businesses and allows you to decide if the business is one you want, before you spend hundreds of dollars in training fees.