Avoid Douchebag Moves

No DoucheBags Allowed

You could be a Douche Bag and not even know It!  
               Are you GUILTY of any of these:


1.   Somebody who acts like the only person on the planet!

2.  Chicks who do the things they want to do, but never do what their boyfriends want to do.

3.  Dudes who do the things they want to do, but never the things their girlfriends want to do.

4.  People who loan out items that were loaned to them!

5.  People who ‘Tom Sawyer’ someone into doing something they could have done better themself, then critiquing that person’s performance!

6.  People who claim to play an instrument, but can’t play a song for more than twenty seconds!

7.  People who play the ‘family’card to get out of doing something they planned to do with you, because some random person called, but never actually promised, ‘bootie’.

8.  People who drink the last bit of orange juice, milk, etc., and put the empty bottle back in the fridge.

9.   People who speed up when you are changing lanes with your turn signals on!

10. People who drive within an inch of touching your bumper when traveling above 10 mph!

11. People who deliberately alienate their significant others’ friends.

12. People who get a ‘significant other’ and immediately forget they have friends, family, pets or even a job.

13. People who lie about people they call friends to make themselves lookgood in an outsider’s point of view.

14.         People who do noisy landscaping work before seven in the morning, or after nine in the evening, on any day of the week.

15. People who go to someone else’s country and have a hissy fit because the people who live there don’t speak your language. And if those people think that yelling will help someone understand your language better, then that makes them DOUBLE DOUCHEBAGS!

16. People who use up the last of the paper in the office copier, then walk around the office saying, "I don't remember how to put paper in it, will you do it for me while I'm at [ lunch; a meeting; in the bathroom...] because I have a huge document I'm printing out, and I need it done fast.

17. Bullies. You have to be a very 'special' type of putrid if you think inflicting fear and harm on someone is the right thing to do. The world is watching you and it is just a matter of time before Karma makes you ante up.